Trophy moose hunting at Safaris International, New Brunswick Canada 

Trophy whitetail deer hunting at Safaris International, New Brunswick Canada
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The “REAL DEAL” in New Brunswick, Canada

We shoot more record bear in NB than anyone we know of and have taken the oldest bear recorded in the province!
400+ lb’ers are taken every spring - Color-phase bears are possible.

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Mark with a real monster.

Good friend Barry after three nights of big bears, he "got 'er done". Barry lost a bear that rivaled a 500 lb'er he took in BC on his first night in New Brunswick.
After 4 days and having an even bigger bear get away, this bear came up over the cliff and became a photo.

Well, Gary makes the page for the second time. Again. first night in the stand, this big boy came within 10 yards. This is Gary's 11th bear and biggest yet!

A great hunter and a sportsman indeed, 'Brownie' took this old bear after letting many pass by. 'Brownie' says "it's not about the kill, it's the hunt".
This bear is for Steve D who didn't remember. Chris got this bear after seeing 8 bears come through! Chris definitely "makes the grade" as a trophy hunter. Congrats Chris!

A good friend and man of many talents, Mike is the owner of a top-notch award winning taxidermy buisness and master guide in the western US. Mike bagged his bruin on his last night after passing on eleven bears.

John made the trophy room with his smoke pole and a beatiful white collared bear.

Ron bagged his first black bear after passing it up and making it clean on his second chance.

Here are Tim and Andy congratulating each other. Tim had hunted bears for several years in Ontario before bagging this big bear on the left and Andy, on his first time out, bagged a huge Pope and Young.
Mr. Jackson, after taking this bear, had as many as eleven more come in and one actually fed on the hind end of his bear.

Brian 'makes the grade' with his 300 lb'er on the last night of the hunt. Good job on your first bear, Brian.

Here is Dave with his bear.
Dave's determination paid off. Nice bear Dave! He has been with Trophy for several years and has become a friend we will always welcome.

Australian hunter Patrick hunted this bear for several days before bagging him. Patrick was on a North American bear safari to take one of each species of bear. Here is his Black Bear.
Sometimes it pays being last to be put out. This bear was taken from a clear cut adjacent the stand.

The international guys keep piling them up! Brian, from New Zealand, took this monster on his third day in stand. This trophy proved a challenge to get out. .

Here's Gary with his first big one. Yes, it was his first day in the stand and his first NB hunt. This was his biggest bear of 10 he has taken until he got #2 in 2005.



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